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The Coca-Cola Company

My interest in the Coca-Cola Company stems from its acquisition of Columbia Pictures Industries in 1982. Following the death of Roberto Goizueta, Douglas Ivester was elected chairman of the Board and chief executive officer of The Coca-Cola Company on October 23, 1997. He is the 10th chairman of the Board in the history of the Company. This page includes The Business of The Coca-Cola Company, The Coca-Cola Company and Atlanta, The Detailed Coca-Cola Directors Page and Coca-Cola Holdings UK and Columbia Pictures UK.



My interest in Sony has increased since its acquisition of Columbia Pictures Entertainment from The Coca-Cola Company in 1989.
"Effective November 1994, Mr. Akio Morita is Founder and Honorary Chairman of Sony Corporation. Although he follows and is informed on various company matters, he no longer is involved in the day to day operations of the company".

US Law


The Law Research Page with search forms for Judicial Opinions, Legislation, Federal Regulation, Other Legal Sources and People in Law
The law page containing Fraud, Copyright and Patent, Family, Medical, Immigration and Software
And US Military Intellegence, CIA, FBI, Information Warfare and Crime and Gangs

UK Police

Home Office statistics, Police Complaints, Prison, Police Sites, Crime Prevention, Crime and Criminal behavior, Fraud, Domestic Violence, Software and more.

UK Law


UK Legal Education, Law Schools and Colleges, Legal Aid, Europe, Solicitors and Barristers, Legal Resources, Free Legal Advice, UK Law schools and Colleges Criminal Law, Organizations, Newsnet, Recruitment Directory, Employment Law Legal Links and Irish Law

UK Government

Freedom of Information Act, the Government's Social Exclusion Unit, Tony Blair, Political Parties, Parliament, Political Magazines, Intelligence Services, Defence and Security, the Military and much more.


Film and Video

This page has sections on Film History and Museums, Film Studios, Movie indexes and Databases, Independent Film Pages and more.



Women's resources including arts, feminism, history, entertainment, health and sports. Women.s fashion including Fashion designers' sites, malls, and fashion zines. Women's magazines including news from the fashion world, features articles on design and fashion and latest in this season's designs Links to Cosmopolitan, Condé Nast - Vogue, Lumiere, ELLE Magazine and more Models and world's top supermodels. Also links concerning women's health issues and women's organizations



Newspapers and News, Business, Investments, Financial Services, Real-estate Business Organizations, Travel, Airlines, General Organizations, Government Indian Films, Bollywood, Magazines, and the Internet

Investments USA


This page has sections on Learning about investments, Investments and Company Information, Investment Games, Stocks, Bonds, Options, Precious metals, Credit and Venture Capital, Real-estate, Taxes, Travel and Gambling - Casinos

Investments UK


Market Information and Research, Investment Services, Consulting, Brokerages-Full Service, Brokerages-Options and Futures

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