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The Coca-Cola Company Business


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                                                                    Organized      Percentages
                                                                     Under         of Voting
                                                                    Laws of:         Power
The Coca-Cola Company Delaware Subsidiaries consolidated, except as noted: Barq's, Inc. Mississippi 100 Bottling Investments Corporation Delaware 100 ACCBC Holding Company Georgia 100 Caribbean International Sales Corporation, Inc. Nevada 100 Caribbean Refrescos, Inc. Delaware 100 Carolina Coca-Cola Bottling Investments, Inc. Delaware 100 Coca-Cola Financial Corporation Delaware 100 Coca-Cola Interamerican Corporation Delaware 100 Montevideo Refrescos, S.A. Uruguay 55.53 Coca-Cola Overseas Parent Limited Delaware 100 Coca-Cola Holdings (Overseas) Limited Delaware and 100 Australia Coca-Cola South Asia Holdings, Inc. Delaware 100 Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited Thailand 100 CTI Holdings, Inc. Delaware 100 55th & 5th Avenue Corporation New York 100 The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Delaware 100 Amalgamated Beverage Canners (Pty) Ltd. South Africa 51.55 Atlantic Industries Cayman Islands 100 Ansan Ankara Gida Mesrubat ve Meyva Sulari Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. Turkey 66.63 Coca-Cola Bevande Italia S.r.l. Italy 100 Azienda Bevande di Gaglianico-ABEG-S.r.l. Italy 100 Societa Bevande Meridionale-SOBEM S.r.l. Italy 100 Maksan Manisa Mesrubat Kutulama Sanayi A.S. Turkey 66.66 Barlan, Inc. Delaware 100 Varoise de Concentres S.A. France 100 Coca-Cola G.m.b.H. Germany 100 Coca-Cola Rhein-Ruhr G.m.b.H. Germany 100 Societa Imbottigliamento Bevande Roma-SIBER-S.p.A. Italy 100 Beverage Products, Ltd. Delaware 100 Coca-Cola de Argentina S.A. Argentina 100 Coca-Cola de Chile, S.A. Chile 100 Coca-Cola Ges.m.b.H. Austria 100 Coca-Cola Industrias Ltda. Brazil 100 Recofarma Industria do Amazonas Ltda. Brazil 100 Coca-Cola Ltd. Canada 100 The Minute Maid Company Canada Inc. Canada 100 Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited Japan 100 Coca-Cola Korea Company, Limited Korea 100 Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited Nigeria 100 Coca-Cola Southern Africa (Pty) Limited South Africa 100 Conco Limited Cayman Islands 100
International Beverages Ireland 100 Coca-Cola Refreshments Moscow Russia 100 Minute Maid SA Switzerland 100 Refreshment Product Services, Inc. Delaware 100 Coca-Cola de Colombia, S.A. Colombia 100 Coca-Cola Holdings (Nederland) B.V. Netherlands 100 Coca-Cola Holdings (United Kingdom) Limited England and 100 Wales The Inmex Corporation Florida 100 Servicios Integrados de Administracion Mexico 100 y Alta Gerencia, S.A. de C.V.

Other subsidiaries whose combined size is not significant: Fourteen domestic wholly owned subsidiaries consolidated Ninety-five foreign wholly owned subsidiaries consolidated Fifteen foreign majority-owned subsidiaries consolidated

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